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Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir  Police Choir Avon and Somerset Constabulary Male Voice Choir

27 May 2017

The original workplace choir!

On Saturday 20th May 2017, the choir made the journey down to Dulverton in Exmoor, to sing at All Saint's Church to help raise money for a roof repair fund. The choir's long time member Dave Perry, lives in Dulverton and regularly travels up to Portishead and beyond for rehearsals and concerts. The least we can do is to take the concert to him from time to time.

The concert allowed us to introduce a couple of new songs to our concert programme and so we were happy at the outcome. Comments from the audience at half time revealed that we were creating a good sound and had chosen a balance programme.

Our soloists (Eddie Morris, John Gray and Pete Jones) added to the evening with style and quality and our MD (Marysia Gorska) danced on the spot as she encouraged us to give of our best. Alison Howell accompanied us with her usual piano perfection and chorister Mike Evans moved things along as our compere for the evening.

All in all it was a pleasant concert and from our point of view, it was worth making the journey!

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