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19 March 2018

The original workplace choir!

On Saturday 10th March the choir travelled to The Holy Trinity Church at Combe Down to give a concert in a well loved church. The songs were well received by the select audience who were not afraid to express their appreciation.

The solos were given by our long time friend, Stephen Foulkes, a previous mounted police officer. He has sung solos with us throughout the years since the choir was formed. He ended his excellent set and then emotionally informed us all that he was retiring from his solo singing and that he had just given his last performance with the choir. At least we had his undertaking to attend some of our future concerts as a member of the audience.

Rod Deane was our compere for the evening. Rod definitely falls into the description of a minimalist, letting the audience know what is coming next in the programme without adding too many facts and details. He did his job with an adequate amount of alacrity.

Next week we will be rehearsing with children from The Downs School and the following week we will be performing a concert with them in Clifton College Chapel. That will lower the average age of choral members on stage!

Come and join us!!!

Note: Now taking bookings for 2019! Don't miss out!

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