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19 November 2018

The original workplace choir!

This weekend we hosted the Barnstaple Male Voice Choir and they traveled up through wind and rain to join us in a concert at the Victoria Methodist Church in Weston super Mare. I think that the trip was worth it because we had a wonderful concert with each choir bringing songs of their own and joining together in other songs. The sound was excellent in the church that we love using because it is very spacious and acoustically brilliant for choral singing.

Rachel Phillips was our soloist. She is a friend of both choirs and she always astounds us with her clear voice and inimitable tone.

The ladies MUST be thanked for their wonderful tea provided for Barnstaple and their smiles as they served it. Every choir has its own group of partners who provide such catering but ours, of course, are the best!

Thanks also to Paul Budd who practically organised the whole thing. Now we look forward to a return trip to Barnstaple at some stage in the future.

We are recruiting new members right now. Men only I'm afraid but it gets the blokes out of the house and gives the ladies a bit of peace and quiet. There comes a time when you have done all that needed to be done and now you find yourself with some spare time. There are many ways to fill that time with happiness but singing in a choir adds another dimension to life. Music is such a natural part of human life - even our hearts keep a beat!

Send us an email (shown below) so that we can arrange for you to share a rehearsal with us.

Come and join us!!!

Note: Now taking bookings for 2020! Don't miss out!

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