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19 June 2018

The original workplace choir!

We spent the weekend of the 15th/17th June in Hereford! We had been invited by the Hereford Police MVC to join them in their annual concert, taking place in the Shire Hall. This was our excuse for one of those occasional weekends away sharing lovely down-time together. We stayed at the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford, mentioned because it was good value, clean, comfortable and friendly and thus worthy of a recommendation from us.

We met together at 4pm on Saturday for only 1 hour of rehearsal. It is typical of this type of joint concert and testament to the ability of choirs that only 1 hour together is enough to knock the rough corners of any differences and ensure a successful main event. Such was the outcome on this occasion. The evening concert was a thoroughly joyous event. Not only did both choirs perform well together and in their own sets but the additional soloists were a real joy to listen to. Raye Harvey is a young violinist and she played two faultless classical pieces. Stephen John Davis, son of one of the Hereford choristers, is a West End professional singer who wowed us with several show songs.

Our choir's youngest member is Matthew Howell. He decided to cycle up on Saturday from Bristol to Hereford rather than travel on the coach with us. He arrived just after 5pm, missing the rehearsal but in time for a brief rest before the concert. He sang for most of the concert before haviong to leave to catch a train home so that he could be in Bristol on Sunday morning where he was to play piano at a church. Such dedication and sheer energy needs to be acknowledged and held in awe by those of us who only vaguely remember our own such feats.

The afterglow with Hereford was fun and cheap with the beer being unbelievably affordable. We thank Hereford for their wonderful hospitality and friendship. We will reciprocate as soon as we can both match calendar space.

Come and join us!!!

Note: Now taking bookings for 2019! Don't miss out!

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