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20 September 2018

The original workplace choir!

Not a bad summer was it? Plenty of sunshine and I didn't have to cut the grass too often either! We sang a concert at Sherborne Abbey in July and it was almost too hot, even inside having to sing in our blazers. We are not complaining of course. It will soon be time to freeze and shiver through a concert.

We are recruiting new members right now. Men only I'm afraid but it gets the blokes out of the house and gives the ladies a bit of piece and quiet. There comes a time when you have done all that needed to be done and now you find yourself with some spare time. There are many ways to fill that time with happiness but singing in a choir adds another dimension to life. Music is such a natural human function. Even our hearts keep a beat!

If you have toyed with the idea of singing with a choir, why not try an evening at one of our rehearsals? You don't have to have a connection with the police. On Monday September 24th we are rehearsing in the Portishead Methodist Church, starting at 7:30pm. You are very welcome to come along and have a sing with us (or just sit and listen!). Give it a go! There's a very good chance that you will have an enjoyable evening and it will not cost you anything! We will even provide some free refreshments.

Come and join us!!!

Note: Now taking bookings for 2020! Don't miss out!

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