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09 August 2022

   The original workplace choir!

The weather this year has been pretty cold and wet for the most part and so we were taken by surprise when our concert at St. Mary's Church, Clevedon, on Saturday 9th July, was held in a heatwave situation. We are not complaining of course as we need some sunshine, but it did make the wearing of our full choir uniforms a little uncomfortable.

The audience filled the church with very few empty seats and from comments received, they certainly seemed to enjoy our songs. The choir was a little low on numbers for several reasons but we still managed a balance sound from a whole assortment of songs that ranged in tempo, volume and style. Sheila Rice, our Music Director, had prepared us well and accompanist, Clair Hiles, provided sensitive piano backing. Rod Deane was our compere for the concert and kept thing moving.

Derek Harvey with Sam Swaby, both dressed in Hawaii shirts, gave a some calypso songs and these had members of the audience singing along and swaying in their seats. Steve Wood gave us a couple of perfect solos, including If I Were a Rich Man. Pete Carlyon added another 2 solos to complete the set.

It was a lovely concert to finish this season and a great way to allow us to come back after the pandemic closure. We look forward to September and hope it can be back to normal.

This might be a good time for some of you men out there to join our choir and experience this feeling for yourselves. Contact us (email below) and we can arrange for you to join us at rehearsal.

We are recruiting! Click here to see the video.

Note: Now taking bookings for 2023!

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