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25 March 2019

The original workplace choir!

On Friday, 15th March, the choir battled its way down the M5 and against all odds, arrived in time to give a concert welcomed by the audience who filled the church. The concert was organised by ex-chorister Dave Corden who was so happy to see us all again that he requested that he sing with us in the last quarter of the concert.

Since September last year, we have been actively recruiting new choristers and happily, this event gave 3 of them their first chance to sing in concert with us.


The solo spots were taken by Dave's daughter in law, Michelle Krawiec, who plays a hauntingly wonderful flute. The whole concert was kept in line by our MD, Marysia Gorska-Saj and accompanied on piano and organ (but not at the same time!!!) by Alison Howell. The area at the front of the church was small and the choir spread sideways such that poor Alison was only just visible sitting at the keyboard amongst the baritones. That was only slightly better than when she played the organ for some of the songs. During those songs, she couldn't be seen at all.

The music was varied and seemed to please the audience, some of whom mentioned to me the clarity of diction achieved by the choir. George Shemwell read out the poem "Under Milk Wood" whilst the choir sang the Sunset Poem as a backing. All in all it was a very satisfying evening.

Come and join us! Click here to see video.

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