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18 April 2019

The original workplace choir!

It's a strange fact, but true, that in 645 concerts since the choir began, we appear not to have visited Bridgwater in concert before now. The situation was corrected on Friday 29th March when we sang at St. Mary's Church and realised what we had been missing. That grand building is home to some very pleasant people who made us very welcome and didn't hide that fact that they really enjoyed the concert.

Marysia led us and tweaked our performance well, pulling out lovely quiet moments to contrast with some powerful passages too. Alison coaxed the wonderful pipe organ and according to some churchgoers there, managed to coax sounds out of never before achieved.

Some solos were provided by John Gray who always does very well with his tongue twisting Flanders and Swan songs. Pete Jones was working very hard, not only expertly compering the occasion but also filling in the remaining solos for an ill colleague.

At the end of this concert, I really felt proud of what we had achieved and the effort put into it.

Perhaps we can sing after all?

Come and join us! Click here to see video.

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