Where do you fit in?

As in most male voice choirs, there are 4 groups of voices.

The higher voices sing 1st tenor, slightly lower are the 2nd tenors,

.. then come the baritones and we are all supported by the deeper voiced basses.

All of the people who join us get the opportunity to decide in which voice group they feel most comfortable and there is no audition to pass!

You might feel concerned that you will be embarassed to stand alongside others and sing out loud. We all felt that! After coming to a rehearsal and joining in with a song that you have heard before, the embarrassment goes very quickly, especially when you realise everyone is as bad as you!!

Most of us find that we drive home singing away and it is well known (and proven) that singing in a group of people improves your health and feeling of well-being.

Can you sing? Can you read music? (You don't have to!) Most people are able to sing well enough to join in a chorus of voices.

If you sing along to songs, sing out loud in the car or enjoy murdering a tune in the shower then you are most of the way to singing in a choir.

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